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Joined Team Digital with both knowledge of, and passion in, underwater discoveries.  He taught us about cephalopods and introduced the team to a potentially new species recently discovered near Hawaii.  KCDML encourages and works to amplify youth voice, starting with topics in which they already have an interest.  Quincey took this challenge to heart and initiated a conversation with staff at Kansas City’s own Sea Life Aquarium.  They were amazing!  Quincey, along with his film crew made up of other Team Digital members, got a back of the house tour, and interview with key staff.



Team Digital member Emerald is a regular face at our Trails West branch.  She is an extremely creative young lady and brings a depth beyond her years to every conversation.  In choosing her project for the summer she had a clear vision of wanting to support and encourage the value of the arts.  Yet as is often the case, deciding on how to execute your vision is where the challenge resides.  Emerald chose to tell her story through the lives of her friends, giving us a glimpse of how the arts allows them to be fully present in the world.

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