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Introducing the 2015 Team Digital Members


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Monterrell:  From video game creation, all the way up to game play, I have had a technical passion ever since I got the PlayStation 2 game Power Rangers: Dino Thunder. I had so much hope in my heart; I knew that video games were what I wanted to do for my career. I am a very determined person that pushes myself to reach goals I never knew I could reach. Team Digital has helped me with my communication skills by introducing me to a very fun and positive group of people that I am proud to call my teammates. It has helped me with many of my goals so far and I hope that it will help me continue to grow and develop.

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JaLynn: “If at first you don’t succeed, try again.” People in today’s world have many stereotypes of people of color. My goal is to break that barrier and show the world that a 14 year old sophomore at Blue Springs South High school has something to valuable to offer.

Alexandra:  Standing tall at a towering 5’5″.  I, Alexandra Green, am learning how to make a difference in the world.alexandra  The importance of being yourself is crucial to succeeding in life. There are many people looking to be successful and it is important to stand out. Finding myself and learning what I’m good at, what I enjoy, helps me to become a better leader. I am a member of different organizations that require me to challenge myself while working with others, and I believe working with others is the best way to become a strong leader. It teaches me how to listen to, and learn from, the opinions of others. At times when I struggle to create my own path I remind myself of the quote, “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” – Doctor Suess. This quote encourages me to always do my best, not someone else’s.

maker faire footage (7).Movie_SnapshotKaleb:  In the final ticks of the 4th quarter Andre Igoudala is shaking his head at how he allowed Lebron James to drive past him for an easy layup that put the Golden State Warriors down by 2 points. Now with the last possession Golden State in-bounds the ball to Andre Igoudala for the game deciding shot! He takes it, and misses!

I just took today’s first loss in NBA 2k (I generally don’t lose much). As the game closes, all the turnovers and mistakes that I made come back and haunt me. I shake the player’s hand, and wait for my opportunity to spark my winning streak again. Although I lost the game, I enjoyed how I was taken to another level while playing. Video games like this influence me to want to design a game that creates an atmosphere where you are completely immersed in the content. On top of wanting to make video games, I aspire to change my community by volunteering and teaching others.



Sydney:  “The key to all heaven is mine.” This one lyric from the Cinderella song So This Is LoveSydney_1_Resized has stuck with me for quite some time, encouraging me to find my own heaven and happiness. Cinema and film-making have helped me develop as a person and it continues to help me use my imagination to believe in the unbelievable. Everything about movies, from the film scores to the locations, enthralls me, and someday I intend to be a part of creating a majestic piece for everyone to see. I recently realized that I can look further into my fascination and turn it into a career. I plan to place my foot into anything film related so that I may create my own heaven.



Skyy: “Who are you?” Skyy. “Yeah, but who are you really?” This is a question I was asked recently and the answer is constantly changing and evolving. Growing up in the suburbs and going to a predominantly white school, I sometimes got lost in the non-minority’s culture rather than my own. There was once a time when I could barely connect with people who look like me because I didn’t feel like I could relate or identify with a culture that was my own.

Knowing that itmaker faire footage (8).Movie_Snapshot is important to understand where I came from I started reading, watching documentaries, and talking to other relatives about my history to gain a better perspective of who the world perceived me to be. In my opinion I was just me. Someone who was not just one race but a representation of many races. Black, White, Native American, and Dominican. I have a close connection with all four.

Meeting a lady named Ms. Anderson helped me understand who I am, not only as an young African American lady but as an individual. She too had a similar story that made me realize that experiences later in my life will shape me into knowing my culture and who I am as an African American woman. Someone once said “Every experience, no matter how bad it seems, holds within a blessing of some kind. The goal is to find it”. I am someone who aspires to one day be an entrepreneur, orthodontist, create a nonprofit foundation, mentor youth, and conquer the world! I’m a person who is working on self while trying to understand her culture and where I am going in life. I’m trying to apply myself so I can supply myself financially so that my children will not have to work.



Dominic: Sitting at his computer, Rubik’s cube in hand, and stopwatch in browser, he starts the clock. He makes the cross, finishes F2L and OLL, and was about to start PLL. Then he looked at the time. 20 Seconds. This catches him off-guard, but he finishes without error. 28.45 seconds. He did it, he broke the 30-second barrier. He had been speed cubing for months now and hadn’t done that yet. The person in this story is me, Dominic Torre. maker faire footage (9).Movie_SnapshotBorn and raised in Westport, I was homeschooled my entire life. This gave me a lot of free time, which I filled with vide ogames. Some of my favorites are currently Skyrim, Bioshock, and Geometry Dash. With this love for video games, I plan to have a gaming channel on YouTube sometime in the future. I can also juggle and sing. Another one of my passions is science, chemistry specifically. This is one of my interests because I feel like there is so much more to discover within chemistry than there is in other sciences. Also, I like mixing potassium and water, and then watching it explode.




Jill:  Hi! My name is Jill and I’m a senior at Lincoln College Prep. I enjoy reading, playing with my pets, and purchasing fun clothing. In college, I plan on majoring in either social policy or some area of journalism. In the future, I hope to either have a career in journalism or become a lawyer. I’m excited to be a part of Team Digital as I believe it provides an excellent opportunity to learn about various areas of technology while also allowing me to share what I know with others.  To read Jill’s posts about her Team Digital project, click here: e-Nable Posts.






Andre:  “Life is like a bicycle,to keep your balance. You must keep moving.” That quote is from Albert Einstein. The reason why I picked this quote because it shows how I live my life. I always keep moving and I never give up. If I fail I’m going to try and try until I succeed. I’m Andre Johnson and this is my bio.




Carlton: Playing video games has always been a favorite hobby of mine. I’ve been playing ever since I was able to hold a controller, but I’ve always wondered how people could make games such as Kingdom Hearts and Call of Duty such a huge success. Carlton_1_Resized  Joining KCDML at the library has given me the chance to understand and be a part of the very games that I love to play!
I am learning about game design through everything from Minecraft to 1st person shooter games. Thanks to KCDML, I have finally chosen to become a game designer as my major when I go to college, and as my life career. I love what I am doing and I hope to go very far with it.







Ian: In my eyes, technology has always been a form of magic. Engineers put the hardware together and they gain the ability to reach across the globe. It has always been my dream to become one of those people. I joined KCDML so that I could fulfill that dream. When I grow up I want to get a job as a programmer and a video game designer, this way I can make a living off of what I love. My dad supports me in my efforts by giving me moral support and teaching me all that he knows about technology (which is a lot).