Welcome to LRNG KC! Supported by 30 leading organizations around the country, LRNG is a new national online learning platform that allows young adults to supplement your current education with local and digital experiences (XPs) on topics of interest to you, and ultimately connect you to academic, civic and professional opportunities that may have otherwise been unavailable until now. For each entire Playlist of XPs you complete, both digitally and locally, you will earn badges that unlock real-life opportunities.


Two flagship Playlists have been designed by the Kansas City Public Library. The first is called The Eleventh Branch: Digital Library Resources, where you will explore the resources available for personal, academic and professional purposes, with the opportunity in January 2017 to gather with other LRNG participants in a celebration at the Library.


The second Playlist is called Amplifying Civic Voice, where you will learn about your rights, responsibilities and duties as a citizen and how to thoughtfully engage in your community, knowing that your voice matters in our government. For each XP, you will submit proof of completion – either a short document, photo or video. When all XPs are completed, you can submit proof to receive the Badge, a digital credential. Badges provide evidence to future employers that you have achieved a new skill or ability, especially in fields not explored by formal education. LRNG topics include woodworking, audio production, digital media, STEM fields, finance, political participation, biology, juggling and the list goes on!


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“LRNG is a movement that closes the opportunity gap and transforms how young people access and experience learning and the paths they take to success. Using technology to connect partnerships and learning opportunities both locally and globally, LRNG holds the promise of delivering immediate, transformative change to the millions of youth who are locked out of traditional paths to success. LRNG will strategically scale up nationwide to close the nation’s opportunity gap and ensure all young people can develop their full potential in life and work” —