Join Us for Geeks & Treats in May: Methods of Working with Youth

We are excited to announce May’s Geeks & Treats event! We invite all youth-serving professionals to come together and have a conversation about how you and your organizations work with youth. Dr. Jennifer Waddell, Associate Professor and Program Director at UMKC’s School of Education, will be our discussion facilitator. Dr. Waddell’s research focuses on teaching with an emphasis on urban teacher preparation, retention and success of students of color in teacher education.
Think of this as a friendly space to share teaching methods you’ve used in programs, share what you liked or didn’t like about a new approach/method, and discuss research and techniques with professionals to better serve youth more effectively and creatively.

As inspiration and a jumping off point for the discussion, we’d like to suggest to participants to bring a scholarly article, book, chapter of a book, other research/questions that you are interested in.

Ultimately, the goal of this discussion is for current youth-serving professionals to talk about methods they want to implement, get feedback on questions, hear more about tactics being used at other organizations, etc. – all in order to better serve youth. We hope this will be a fruitful exchange and true networking session among practicing professionals in Kansas City! Space is limited – RSVP HERE.
5:30 pm – 6:00 pm
snacks, drinks, networking
6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
discussion led by Dr. Jennifer Waddell, UMKC School of Education Associate Professor, and Honorary Nerd*


*For those interested in why we use the term “nerd,” let us explain. Our Honorary Nerd is a brave soul who is willing to sacrifice their social comfort for the common good. Each Geeks and Treats event will include a single “Nerd” who serves as expert on a singular topic to educate and inform our eagerly listening geeks who enjoy basking in the abundance of useful information. And, our honorary nerd gets to wear a crown for the night. (Who else honors our brave nerdy warriors like us?)

Our geeks (audience) are made up of those who love Kansas City, likely work as part of a youth-serving organization, and understand that meetings happen all the time, but know that epic ones like this happen in the KC Public Library with drinks, food, and knowledge sharing. Tell a colleague and tell your neighbor about this incredible networking and learning event! (Also, have everyone RSVP :)