Geeks and Treats: Coding for Non-Coders

After speaking with KC teachers and non-developers, our Honorary Nerd will discuss the types of codes and their uses, what is needed to build a mobile application, what components non-developers can use with programming, and how teachers can leverage development and coding the classroom.


5:30 pm – 6:00 pm: Sign-in, Food and Drinks, Networking/ Happy Hour!

6:00 pm – 7:00 pm: Featured Speaker/Nerd* Quest Taylor, tech and code guru from PUKLabs


*For those interested in why we use the term “nerd,” let us explain. Our Honorary Nerd is a brave soul who is willing to sacrifice their social comfort for the common good. Each Geeks and Treats event will include a single “Nerd” who serves as expert on a singular topic to educate and inform our eagerly listening geeks who enjoy basking in the abundance of useful information. And, our honorary nerd gets to wear a crown for the night. (Who else honors our brave nerdy warriors like us?)


Our geeks (audience) are made up of those who love Kansas City, work as part of a youth serving organization, and understand that meetings happen all the time, but epic ones like this happen in the KC Public Library with drinks, food, and knowledge sharing. Tell a work friend, tell your brother, tell your neighbor and bring them all to this incredible networking and learning event!! (Also, have everyone RSVP to the event :)