Volunteer Spotlight

We are so incredibly thankful and appreciative of our volunteers at KCDML. Our work with youth is made possible by people like Victoria and like you, who have the ability to empower and change the lives of kids in our own community. Learn more about volunteering with KCDML!

Volunteer Profile: Victoria Steinhartpic-victoria-steinhart

Day job: Barista

Hometown: Tulsa, OK

Current neighborhood: River Market District

How did you first get involved with the KC Digital Media Lab? What is your volunteer role? 

I live right down the street from the Central Library and love riding the new street car to visit each week! I decided to check out the volunteering opportunities this summer and started shortly after. My volunteer role is to mentor teens on the KCDML Robotics team.

What is your favorite aspect of digital media and technology?

One of my favorite aspects of digital media is how vast it is. Just within the Robotics team, we were able to explore virtual reality, drones, 3D printing, and, of course, robots!

What is one thing that might surprise someone about you?

I love to take photos, but it might surprise some people that I like to use film just as much as I like to take digital photos!

What’s it like to volunteer with KCDML?

It is very individualized! Teens are free to explore their own unique passions at the KC Digital Media Lab. Andrea and Marcus find what makes each person tick and then helps them develop the skill set for their passion. Week after week, teens come back to the program because they were able to work on something they truly care about.

What career would you choose in an alternate reality?

A photographer! A combination of the art world and the tech world!

Why are you supporting the KCDML?

I support KCDML because it opens the door for teens to learn about technology they may have not otherwise had the opportunity to explore. Each day, our world becomes a more technologically oriented one and, at KCDML, teens are given the place to really develop their ideas and hone their skills.

How have you been inspired lately?

Lately, I’ve been inspired by photography blogs that incorporate both film and digital media in their portfolios. Both types of media have their place. It’s been really wonderful to be a part of an ongoing discussion of how each type fits in our modern world.